Frequently asked questions

Am I suitable for Laser Eye Treatment?
Up to -10 dioptres of short sight, +6 dioptres of long sight and 6 dioptres of astigmatism can be corrected by laser.

Patients should be over 20 years old The prescription should have been stable for one year.There should be no other eye disease ie cataract or corneal problems There should be no ' lazy eye' or squint High degrees of long and short sight can be corrected using other techniques such as phakic IOL's and clear Lens exchange surgery.

Does LASIK hurt?
No. The anaesthetic drops numb the eye extremely effectively.

When can I drive?
After the procedure, usually 1-2 days later.

During the initial consultation drops are used that may blur your vision. The effect can last for up to 6 hours and some patients feel unsafe to drive.

What are the risks of LASIK?
With any surgical procedure there are some risks. Risks associated with LASIK include infection and cell ingrowth under the flap. Complications are rare and can almost always be treated. Your surgeon will give you details about these before the procedure.

Can perfect vision be guaranteed?
No. There is always a small variation in the final refractive result and there is sometimes some residual astigmatism after surgery. However, 97% of patients are able to drive without spectacle correction and the vast majority are very happy with their vision.

Patient satisfaction and the reputation of the clinic is of paramount importance. Mr Tappin will perform a thorough assessment and will advise as to which procedure is most suitable and what outcome can be expected. Mr Tappin will advise you if you are not suitable for surgery.

I am over 45 years old. Will I need reading glasses after LASIK?
The exact age at which patients require reading glasses varies. Unless one eye is left shortsighted for reading ( monovision) you will need reading glasses.

How soon after can I play tennis or golf or swim?
You may resume golf after 1 week and any racquet, contact sport or swimming after 1 month.

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