Blepharitis Treatment

  1. Makeup a solution of:
    a) Bicarbonate Soda a teaspoon bicarbonate of soda to a pint of cooled boiled water.
    b) Dilute one tablespoon baby shampoo in about 1 cup of cooled boiled water
    c) Alternatively you could buy ready prepared solution from a high street pharmacist (eg Lid Care, Suppranette etc).
  2. Moisten a cotton wool swab or bud with the above solution of choice.
  3. Open the eyes and pull the lids away from the eye. With a firm scrubbing motion, wipe along the length of the lid, both front and top of the lid margin. Do not clean the inside of the lids. Thoroughly cleanse the edge of the eyelids, especially around the roots of the eyelashes.
  4. Repeat this on the other eye with a fresh swab/bud.
  5. Do this twice a day for the first few weeks and then as the symptoms improve, reduce to once a day.

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